4-H Fair Challenge 2019  
At the 4-H fair each year all of the clubs in the robotics division compete in a challenge that is created for the whole division. There are a senior division and a junior division. BananaBots members would compete at the junior division. Leading up to the fair the club members all work on the 4-H fair challenge on their own and also at the division wide meetings that 4-H robotics have scheduled. They also work on the challenge on the days of the fair in August to practice and tweak their robotis.

2019 4-H Fair Robotics Challenge

In this challenge, the club members will design a robot which will first run a program written by the club member ("autonomous" mode). Click the image below to open the rule book.

4-H Fair Robotics Challenge - "Blazing New Paths"
(Click to open the rule book)

4-H Robotics Club Open Meetings

DateDay of WeekTime

Volunteering for the 4-H Fair

4-H fair takes place each year and needs a lot of voluteers to help to make it happen. Below is the scheduling information for the 2018 4-H fair. Volunteer sign-ups for the fair will be coming soon.

4-H Fair Volunteering Schedule

DateDay of WeekTimeAssignments
08/03/19Saturday09:00:00 AMFair Tent Setup Walls & Tables
08/06/19Tuesday06:00:00 PMFair Tent Setup Exhibits
08/07/19Wednesday10AM - 10PM4-H Fair (Junior Division Competition 6-10pm)
08/08/19Thursday10AM - 10PM4-H Fair (Senior Division Competition 6-10pm)
08/09/19Friday10AM - 10PM4-H Fair (Open Division Competition 6-10pm)
08/10/19Saturday8AM - 9AMCommercial Fence Removal