Our 2017 FLL Hydrodynamics Project

by Jerry

February 01 2018 Competitions


The phases for our project as part of the FLL 2017 competition

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The FLL challenge is a challenge sponsored by LEGO to support robotics. It consists of 3 parts, a robotics game, a project in which you need an innovative solution to a problem, and a core values poster in which a team presents their rules and morales. This article would talk about our project.


Our robotics project had some backstory and interesting progress in it. Here are the main phases of my role in the project.

The beginning

In the beginning, there was much dispute about what the topic and solutions should be about, but eventually it was unanimous that we should talk about lead water. Since there was chaos about who does what on the presentation slides, I decided to work on the prototype.

The first prototype

At first, building something looked really easy, but it turned out to be way harder than I previously thought. It took a lot of work, but I finally finished the first structure. It looked amateur and didn’t look fancy at all. It barely could hold up all the attachments. Coach Cindy asked me to change it.

The second prototype

This time, I spent more work on the building part. The new plan was harder, but I got over it and built it well. The teammates were impressed. Even Coach Cindy said it wasn't bad.

The finals

In the actual event, I was solely responsible for the prototype, presenting it and letting the judges see what is inside. The judges we're impressed by the innovative solution we came up with, and we even got an award. Everyone in the team was cheering, and we all had a fun day.

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