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10 steps that will help you be prepared

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Hay Day is a fun farming game in which you start with a small farm and turn it into a large plantation, with a town and fishing area. It is surely fun, but if you don't expect what's coming up next, then the game becomes very hard, as the price of building production buildings can increase from 12500 coins to 31000 coins from one level to another. So, it is best to be prepared. Here are 10 tips to be prepared for the upcoming prices in Hay Day. Using these 10 tips, you can be an ace at Hay Day.

1. Do NOT concentrate on XP points. Instead, focus on getting coins and vouchers.

XP points boost you up so you can get to the next level. They at first seem like a good thing to you, but it isn't in later levels. In fact, it speeds up the process, giving you less time to get all the coins. Focus on getting the coins first before going for XP. 

Vouchers open at level 20 and are used to buy pets, such as dogs, cats, and horses. They are also used to make lures to catch fish at level 27. Again, getting vouchers in mystery boxes and the Wheel of Fortune is the best way to get them since they do not give XP. In desperate situations though, you can get them from boat orders and truck orders from the mine (level 24), but these would give XP. 

2. The marketplace (level 7) is your friend

By far, the marketplace in the game is my favorite place. YOu can sell things for a boatload of coins, yet you do not get XP. This helps gain coins very quickly. The counterpart, the newspaper, is where you can buy things, can help you with boat orders. Visiting high levels in newspapers give you ideas of how to decorate the farm and town (level 34).

3. Sell products (only sell crops in an emergency OR to a visitor)

The truth is, everyone in Hay Day is lazy (Me as Exhibit A). We would rather buy products then make them by growing crops. So sell products. Furthermore, selling products in the marketplace would typically give you more coins than in any other way of getting coins. Only sell crops if your silo is full or a visitor asks for it at a high price.

4. Build production buildings and game features FIRST.

It gives you a chance  to make more money. Honestly, what are you gonna do if you have too many decor. Too much is just a waste of coins, diamonds, and vouchers. Tip 5 would explain this.

5. Do NOT trash your farm with decor.

Again, too much is a waste. You just spend a ton of coins, diamonds, and vouchers for something that overcrowds you farm with useless things, blocking the more important things such as production buildings, fields, and fruit trees/bushes. A little is nice, making your farm look nicer, but don't get too much.

6. Sell only profitable items.

There are some things in the game that take a lot of time to make (i.e. Platinum bar-16 hrs), but don't sell for a lot of coins. Only sell things that is worth your time. As level 26, I recommend a blackberry muffin. It doen't cost much, takes only 45 min to make, and sells for a lot (226 coins).

7. Open mystery boxes and treasure chests.

These things never give you something worthless. They can give coins, diamonds, vouchers, a rare decoration, or a product you can sell. So, look for unlocked boxes to get nice instant rewards.

8. Tom's Glitch

"You can determine items you’ll need in the future to complete shipments by letting the delivery boy [Tom] give you hints using this helpful Hay Day tip.

  • Find the delivery boy, click on him.
  • Choose the “No Thanks” button.
  • The delivery boy will then go across the road and lie down in a field. Above his head you’ll see a bubble where images of things you’ll need to complete future shipments will appear." 

9. When you can get coins early, do so.

Later on things cost an insane amount of coins (i.e. Tea Stand-750000 coins). Be perpeared for these costs by saving up early.

10. Have fun!

Hay Day is designed for fun-loving people who just want to have a good time, not for addicts with lust for success. Just haves fun and things would be fine!


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