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Our Award Winning Research Project     

WE WON! BananaBots won the Project Innovation Solution Award at the FLL Hydro Dynamics NJ Qualifying Tournament on Nov. 18! A BIG THANK YOU to everybody who viewed our project slides and left feedback! Together, we will make positive changes in our lives. Go BananaBots!

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Rohan    2019-02-28 12:37:29

Rohan    2019-02-28 12:37:06

rohan   2017-11-25 11:32:14
Lead Contaminated water is a big issue in Bridgewater schools, and I really like how you are giving attention to this problem. The presentation was clear, and it was great how you had the chart to show the schools with the lead contaminated water. If 2/9 schools on that chart have clean water, it is a big problem for the other schools. So good job for giving attention to this problem and trying to fix it.

Joshua Xu   2017-11-14 20:15:31
I think it is a wonderful idea. I also think it will definitely work.

Kesahv Badri   2017-11-13 16:01:04
I also think that you can make a Google Site to reach out to more people.

Keshav Badri   2017-11-12 16:02:04
I am really happy to know that someone is taking the initiative and is improving the water condition at our schools. I also find your chart very helpful, and now I know that I really have to watch what I am consuming.

Avanti   2017-11-10 13:37:12
It's very good that you all are trying to bring awareness to this issue. It's a very common issue, and seeing the chart with all the information about the lead levels in our schools is really an eye opener for many who attend the Bridgewater-Raritan School District. It's a problem that's needed to be attended to, and it's a problem that unfortunately many look over. It is happening everywhere, in many cities and states across America, and it is increasing day by day. "This January, reports revealed that New Jersey education officials stated that 21 school districts have elevated levels of lead in drinking water" (Moseley). It's very admirable that kids are trying to make a change by bringing awareness to this issue, and not just that. You guys are also trying to create a solution for this problem, which is really a refreshing thing to see. We are the future scientists, doctors, engineers, like Judy Gao said, and it's really nice to see us trying to make a change at a young age. Your presentation is very nice, so good job overall, and keep up the good work!

Rohan Mannathukkaran   2017-11-09 11:57:59
I think this is a really important problem that needs to be fixed! Looking at the chart, I see that most of the schools with kindergartners have water lead levels way over AAP standard's. If the only two schools in are district have even close to safe water, this is a big safety concern that needs to be solved in our district! Your group has done a very good job getting people to know about this problem, and hopefully the district does something about it.

Riya Patel   2017-11-09 10:17:18
I think that the lead crisis is a huge problem in our Bridgewater Schools. As shown in your slides many of our schools are not safe with water and we need to take action. The lead poisoning effects can be quite harmful and maybe even deadly. I think that you have done great on you slides, and good job with all you have done so far!

Mrs. Colucci   2017-11-08 14:16:10
The slides are clear and easy to read. The problem and your solutions are clear. Some of the slides are "wordy." See if there is information you can condense or eliminate. Overall, great job!

Priya Singh   2017-11-08 07:10:05
It seems counter productive how teachers are trying to educate us at school, but school drinking water is causing IQ loss.

Judy Gao   2017-11-07 21:32:45
It is important to raise awareness about lead contamination especially since our community actually has it. Many people I know are unaware of the consequences lead poisoning can have, but as a doctor my mom has told me many incidences where young children had to be sent to the hospital from lead poisoning. I have also heard on the news many times so it proves the this issue has not been approached in any significant way. I am glad that students are researching this topic as it is not commonly known and they are learning how to actually solve a real life problem. This is important because they will be the future scientists and engineers who will eliminate this from the world. I was just wondering where the money will come from to support this (will it come from taxes, or from investments?) Also, I know distilled water is very expensive so how are you going to compete with the leading water companies?

Abheek Dhara   2017-11-07 08:20:08
I like your thought about water problems near us, this could be a game changer.

Hannah   2017-11-06 22:29:47
what is lead?

Kaylee Brown   2017-11-06 14:58:23
Hi, one of my friends requested that I come to this site and leave a "Comment." I don't really know how to do that, so I'm doing this. :) I enjoy your site a lot. I don't know the story behind the title "Banana Bots" but I think the little icon is very creative. I like that this website is organized so neatly. I am a organization fanatic, so it pleases me to see your set up. I wish you the best of luck in all competitions and projects you do! -Kaylee Brown