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Team Leadership

Start Our FLL Team 2018/19  
We will have an official election and let everybody vote for the leaders. Due to time constraints only the team captain candidates are required to deliver their election speeches. Election date & time will be announced soon.

Leader Role Descriptions

Project Leader: Help team to brainstorm and decide on topics; Organize project discussions; Ensure that project slides, presentation board and prototype are completed on time; Host presentation dry-runs.

Robotics Leader: Assign missions to team members; Oversee mission implementation; Responsible for successfully integrating all missions within the required timeframe; Ensure on-time completion of robotics presentation poster board.

Treasurer: Keep track on team budget and expenses; Collect money from team members for registration, material purchases, meals and other costs.

Leadership Team Announcement

Election Date: Friday, May 25 2018

BananaBots is pleased to announce the results of its 2018 FLL competition team leadership elections.

  • Team Captain: Tony Lu
  • Robotics Lead: Rohan Dugad
  • Project Lead: Jerry Liu/Jeffrey Wen
  • Treasurer: Andy Cheng

Congratulations to the newly elected leaders! They were all chosen by their teammates. We are a big step closer to having a self-managed team. Keep up the good work!

Team Captain Role Description

  • Pull the whole team together during both good and challenging times.
  • Lead by example to practice FLL core values.
  • Drive the team to make all possible efforts to complete FLL challenges.
  • Ensure that the team follows all the rules agreed upon with coaches.
  • Gracefully represent the team in front of coaches, parents and FLL officials.
  • Be the person that most teammates can identify with and be happy to work with.