News & Milestones

2020 Newly Elected Club Officers

Our May 2020 club officer election result came out! Our new officers are:

Andy: President
Peter: Vice President
Rohan Dham: Secretary
Ryan: Treasurer

Congratulations!!! Job well done!

Join the Fight with COVID-19

We are joining the global fight against COVID-19, which already infected close to 2 million people and killed more than 114,000 worldwide. Check HERE to see Ethan's trend detection app, Coach Cindy's coronavirus comics, and the tremendous efforts by teenagers from all over the world. Together, we will win this war!

We Are the RCJ 2019 National Champions!

Let the fanfare start for our biggest victory at the RoboCup Junior (RCJ) USA competitions on May 19th, 2019! Peter and Andy's Team N.E.R.D. (representing Storming Robots) won the first place in Rescue Line Open League. They will advance to July's RCJ World Championship in Sydney, Australia. Rohan Dugad and Ryan's Team RoboRaiders won the first place in the Rescue Line Primary League. In addition, Team BananaBots' Rohan Dham, Alex and Jerry had shown remarkable resilience after technical setbacks. See official records HERE. Congratulations all three teams and BIG THANKS to Coach Donghui!

HURRAH!!! BananaBots Advanced to the FLL 2018-19 State Championship!

We did it! On the November 17th FLL qualifying tournament BananaBots was selected to advance to the North NJ Championship! The team also brought home Robot Programming Award. To learn more about our victory please read HERE. This exciting news was also reported on Bridgewater-Raritan's local newspaper, Breeze.

Congratulations Everyone! Job well done!

Technical Roadmap Announced

The BananaBots Coaches announced the technical roadmap and learning path for 2018-2019. Be prepare to challenge yourself and reach higher goals!

  • FLL Into Orbit Challenge
    1. June-August: Project background research
    2. September-December: Preparation & competition
  • June-December: Learning C++ object oriented programming self-paced (Jun - Dec)
  • Starting from January: Programming Lego EV3 using Textual programming language
  • January-May 2019 :Prepare for RoboCup Junior USA competition in Rescue Line League Platform: Lego EV3 / Textual programming language
  • Rest of 2019: Arduino / basic electronics / mechanical design (including CAD design) to build robot from scratch for RCj 2020 (Rescue Line or Soccer or OnStage)

Results of the FLL Single Run Competition

On Friday, June 1st, we successfully had the the official FLL single run competition. All BananaBots members participated. Rohan's family not only hosted the competition, they also threw a mini party afterwards. Thanks for your hospitality! Big thanks goes to Ethan for being a fantastic judge. It was a fun and exciting evening. The top three winners are

  • 1st place: Rohan Dugad
  • 2nd place: Peter Lin
  • 3rd place: Rohan Dham
Congratulations to the winners and the entire club! Almost all members showed significant improvement on their robotics design and programming. Keep up the good work. Go BananaBots!

BananaBots Blog Went Live!

BananaBots Blog is for our members to practice writing and peer reviews. We welcome bloggers outside of the club as well. Let the fun start!

WE DID IT!!! BananaBots won the Project Innovation Solution Award at the FLL Hydro Dynamics NJ Qualifying Tournament on Nov. 18!

We were also ranked 6th in the robot game competition out of 26 teams! Fantastic job everybody! Our hard work over the past two months paid off. The photos from the tournament are available on the Event Gallery page.

Go BananaBots!

Team Shirt Came Out Perfect!

Our team shirts came out perfect! Two thumbs up to Ryan, Alex and Tony for the exceptional artistic skills and creative design. We even received compliments from other robotics teams!