Kids run the club
Assign meeting coordicators
Rotating officer roles
Recruiting new members
Elect officers


What to Learn

Mini projects
Internal competitions
Curriculum development
Topics beyond Arduino: 3-D printing, Rasberry Pi, PCD making, Machine learning

How to Learn

Learn independently and share with team
Set project time frames
Set objectives for each learning cycle
Monthly or bi-monthly meetings
List of topics to learn – assign to group members
Learning & construction at the same time


Community Services

Teaching young kids
4-H voluteering

  • 4-H Fair (day-time & Herdsmen)
  • Science-sational Day
  • 4-H Carnival


We will let the kids run the club (Cindy)

One of us every week should lead the meeting and choose something to teach (Rohan Dugad)

Start doing group learning heavily and do mini-projects that can allow us to have fun and educate us (maybe competitions among ourselves) (anonymous child #364)

-Rasberry pi (Rohan the robot kid)

We should have monthly/bimonthly projects to work on (Maanas)

ML (ROhan)

I think that we should elect leaders for sections and have "lessons" where we try to learn different concepts together. (Alex Hu)

Learning and constructing, both at the same time (Rohan)

Club competitions and maybe teaching younger kids. (Peter)

Maybe we could do some more volunteering type of things. (anonymous child #420)

Lets do more competitions and projects! (anonymous child #365)

We should reach out to kids beyond BananaBots to make our club more impactful

We should try new things like other fields of robotics (Rohan Dugad)

Recruit more members

We should try to give back to the community and give others what Ethan gave us (Rohan Dugad)

Partner with other clubs. Invite college robotics clubs to present

Community services. Volunteering

I think that we could do more volunteering by teaching younger kids more often without having to wait for the Sciensational Day which happens only once a year. (Ryan)

Share your suggestions for BananaBots future activities