Team Management

May 2020 Officer Election Result

Congratulaions to the elected officers! They are:

  • Andy: President
  • Peter: Vice President
  • Rohan Dham: Secretary
  • Ryan: Treasurer

Election Procedures

Officer Duties

  • President
    The President works with the club to decide on the content and facilitator(s) for each club meeting. The President makes sure adequate progress on all events is met. In cooperation with the other officers, the President establishes long-term and short-term goals for the club. The President is responsible for the progress of all club activities. The President is in charge of delegating work to other officers and of communicating with members.

  • Vice President
    The Vice President assists the President in running meetings and communicating with the club. The Vice President is also responsible for assisting the organization of various activities, when necessary. The Vice President represents the club in the absence of the President.

  • Secretary
    The Secretary keeps records of membership The Secretary works with meeting coordinators to ensure that minutes and attendance are taken care of. The Secretary is responsible for providing reports on attendance and publishing meeting minutes.

  • Treasurer
    The Treasurer is responsible for all items relating to the finances of the Club. The Treasurer is responsible for initiating and managing fund-raising campaigns when required. The Treasurer provides the Club’s financial reports on a regular basis.