RoboCup Junior (RCJ)

RoboCup Junior (RCJ) is a division of the world renowned RoboCup organization. It has yearly competitions world wide that give school-aged children the opportunity to create robotics projects. Participants compete in one of three main leagues: Soccer, Rescue or Dance. BananaBots teams compete in the Line League. The RCJ official website is

RCJ 2021


Rohan Dugad and his teammate won the Most Innovative Strategy Award at the 2021 RCJ Line International competition! They were also invited to present their accomplishments at the Closing Ceremony Symposium. Andy, Peter and Alex and their other Storming Robots teammate participated in the Maze competition and won the 3rd place nationally.

RCJ 2020


BananaBots didn't organize activities for RCJ this year as the physical competitions were cancelled due to COVID-19. However, Andy and Peter, representing Storming Robots Institute, participated in the the 2020 Virtual Event. Their team won Best Presentation Award and Best Overall Award. Details are published HERE.

RCJ 2019


At the RoboCup Junior (RCJ) USA competitions on May 19th, 2019

  • Peter and Andy's Team N.E.R.D. (representing Storming Robots) won the first place in Rescue Line Open League. They participated in RCJ World Championship in Sydney, Australia in July 2019, and ranked 19 out of 33 international teams.
  • Rohan Dugad and Ryan's Team RoboRaiders won the first place in the Rescue Line Primary League.
  • Rohan Dham, Alex and Jerry's Team BananaBots had shown remarkable resilience after technical setbacks.

The official records can be found HERE.

Rescue Line Competition Rules

An autonomous robot should follow a black line while overcoming different problems in a modular field formed by tiles with different patterns. The floor is white in color and the tiles are on different levels connected with ramps. Teams are not allowed to give their robot any advance information about the field as the robot is supposed to recognize the field by itself. The robot earns points by completing required tasks based on various scenarios.

The official rules can be found HERE.

The official RoboCupJunior site is: